Premium REALTOR®, Premium Results

Premium REALTOR®, Premium Results

James Hau

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Extensive research, and thorough data analysis, is the most critical component to the expert counselling I provide my clientele. I deal with every project with tenacity, and intellect. This has helped my clients, make the most informed decisions, and achieve the absolute best return for their money."

I have lived my whole life in Greater Vancouver. Thus, I can say that I truly comprehend the multi-cultural fabric of Vancouver and the resulting uniqueness of this area's real estate market. With a well tuned understanding of Feng Shui, I am comfortable making recommendations that are best for your home. Also, I speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Aside from residential homes, my experience is inclusive of, pre development bulk sales, investment portfolio management, acquisition and sales of multi million dollar assembly lots (development sites), commercial, and luxury properties. "This is what I was born to do, and it brings me great contentment in helping my clients achieve success."

Having excelled at the banking industry, I learned early in my career the enormous value of great customer service, financial planning, and real customer satisfaction. In addition, growing up in the home of an investor/developer, I have a real, first hand understanding of the wants and needs of investors and builders with respects to investment properties, and the intricacies of rezoning, city bylaws, and individual neighbourhood community plans.

Awards & Achievements

Top Individual Performer Award 2020

Recognizes James as the #1 performing real estate advisor in all of Christies International Vancouver & the Faith Wilson Group and is one of the highest honors attainable in this presitigious firm

Medallion Club Award

Represents James ranking within the top 10% of all real estate advisors in Greater Vancouver out of xxxx agents for volume of succesful projects

Presidents Award

For exemplary sales and service

Award Winning Real Estate Practice


2019 - 5.36% more value than the average agent in greater vancouver


Transactions complete 51% faster than the average agent in greater vancouver


Market to 49 different countries


Able to translate into 19 different languages

8 Key Principles


Innovation/ Creativity

Constantly striving to promote culture of free thinking and creativity. My belief is thinking outside the box alllows us to see opportunities, that a generic strategy would overlook. 


Strategic Partnership

Every case is handled with a shareholder mindset, we are not only cooperating with you, we are directtly investing in your success, through time, energy, and monetary funding. 


Solidarity/ Interests

Our belief is that great work can only be acheived if the interests of our clients, align with our own. This allows us to have the same goals, and a deeper understanding of what we are after. 


Enterprising/ Proactive

Far from being an order taker, we are elite problem solvers. We believe success is directly correlated with progression, diligence, and vigilance. 


Wellbeing focused/ Client First

The key focus of my business is truly the prosperity of all our clients. Their welfare, and succes is paramount. We can never forget that we are not only dealing with product, and finances. Each with unique aspirations, beliefs, and goals. 


Reliance/ Trust

Our impeccable reputation within the comunity, and industry for trustworthiness, integrity, and competence was cultivated through years of dedication and consistency. We aim to earn your trust, through transparency, action, and a proven track recoprd for success. 


Relationship Oriented

Its personal! Aside from the business, and corporate aspect of our services, we never forget we build that make it all worthwhile. We love people, and that's why we chose a profession where we interact with so many great ones everyday. 


Experience Focused

No deal or client is indentical. With this comprehension in mind, we create individualized service packages for every project. All the while looking for any and all ways to elevate the process. 

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"We were introduced to James by our financial advisor's secretary and we must admit, it was one of the best connections we could've possible made to assist us in buying our new home.  In short, we're now in a home that we love, got it at a great value and James connected us with a mortgage specialist that got us an incredible rate for the mortgage that won't strain our budget for the next 25 years."

Ben, Ana and Damian Liu

"It was a pleasure dealing with James in my home search as a first-time home buyer. His knowledge of the market conditions and surrounding areas of places we looked at was admirable. I would recommend James to anyone looking for their first home, second home or even to those looking to buy their next home for an investment."

M. Dhak

"I was referred to James Hau by another his past clients, and I am glad  they did! While working with James I was constantly surprised by his work ethic, market knowledge, honesty, and integrity. Thank you James for everything you’ve done for me and my family. You are not only my realtor, but you are also our friend."


"I am grateful to have met James. he is such a good person. He always  acts as an professional realtor as well as an good friend to talk with an very comfortable environment. Most important of all, he is always stand in my side and negotiating with the opposite agent and clients. There is no hesitation for me to recommend James to all my family and  friends. good jobs!! and thank yo very much! My dear friend James!"

Jason. Z

"My friend introduced me to James and I'm very glad he did! I have been through some terrible realtors before, and thanks to them to make me realize how professional and great James is.James is very knowledgable and nice. He respects your business by listening to you carefully, being on time for appointments and making sincere advices. He always stands on your side and cares about your interests. He is not the realtor who is trying to push you to place higher offer which you should not for getting the offer. Instead, he always says: this is a long journey, and I'm glad to join you to find your dream home together. During the whole home purchasing process, he took care of every thing, even the tiniest part. For example, he read the documents line by line to make sure everything is going right. I recommend him not only as a realtor but also as a friend."

Gilbert Miao - Software Engineer

"As a new investor in Vancouver real estate market, I am grateful to have met James. There was a comfort zone to his personality and how he presented himself in a professional manner.  I would definitely recommend James to my family and friends for his excellent service and knowledge of the real restate business. Thank you, James!"

A. Lin - Financial Analyst

"James was amazing! Very knowledgeable, super responsive, and a go-getter! He is passionate about his work and delivers 100% every time. I had an amazing experience purchasing a home with James and recommend any one to buy / sell with him.    "

Angie Chan - Insurance Broker

"In my opinion James is one of the best realtors out there, his professional and dedication to his clients is unparalleled and will be quickly apparent upon meeting him. He has a very unique perspective on the markets and how to use the trend of the market to your advantage when buying or selling. I've had the pleasure of James of being my agent when I bought my first property in which James negotiated the price below asking in a very hot market. He has been my agent for all 3 properties I have purchased and now the very first I've sold and the results were beyond expectations.I would happily recommend James to anybody who wants a professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable real estate agent whether your a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, you will not be disappointed. Beyond just being my realtor, I'm proud to say James is my friend and am very thankful for all he has done for me and my family."

D Dhak - Logistics Manager

"James Hau is highly professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He has great experience in handling real estate transactions from start to finish with crisp and meticulous detail."

Noor Pajwani - Tech Engineer

"As a first time home buyer, we’re so happy to have found James. He’s very organized, professional and explain to us all the details of the process. His work ethic is over the top and he helped us find our perfect home. Thank you so much! We definitely recommend James to anyone looking for the best realtor."

Stephanie/Eddy Keung - HVAC Specialist and Professional Photographer

"James is a dedicate and brilliant real estate agent. He helped my wife and I purchase our first home. He was always patient answering our every question with fast and efficient manner. As a first time home buyer, James provided us useful knowledge and analysis. He understood our needs and we always discuss our thoughts after seeing each listing. We feel we can trust him like a friend and he is willing to share his expertise on real estates. Also he has great manner toward everyone not just to client.When we are seeing each property, he always arrived early and was well-prepared. Before entering the property he briefed us the status about the property, neighbourhood and all the related aspects. We really enjoying each house hunting with him. Now, we are living in our first home, though still unpacking and tidying all the mess, the whole journey with James is something I my wife and I will remember and always think "it's such a bless to have James on our side!""

David Cheng - 3D Animations Specialist

"Great services, sold my property over the asking by 400k"

Eric Zhou - Software Engineer

"If you want a person with honesty and integrity to sell or buy a home from, then James is your person. He listens to your needs and gives you knowledgeable advice when you need it. We are totally happy with his service."

Mona Tang - Registered Nurse

"James is talented, results oriented, professional. Best agent in the field!"

Ricco Piao - CEO of Logistics Firm

"I was introduced by James by my brother after reaping the benefits of his knowledge of the market on his property. He has great knowledge of the market, spends time to get you as much relevant information as possible and you can tell her loves his profession.The process is very exciting and you need someone with professional experience to guide you along the way.I fully recommend going with James so you get as much insight in the market to make the right decisions. Thanks James!"

Manjinder Dhak - Sales


Keith Li - TNT

"My wife and I first met James at an open house, and we made an immediate decision to engage him as our realtor. We felt we could trust him, that he had an indepth understanding of the markets in the Lower Mainland, and that he listened to what we were looking for. James was very patient, and over more than a year, took us to view at least 40 houses and finally helped us to narrow it down to one. Through his excellent negotiating skills, James was able to help us close on the house purchase for $300,000 below the asking price. We now consider James as a close friend, and I would recommend him to anyone. James will help you buy what you want, at the best price possible."

Robert Thompson - Municipal City Planner

"James Hau is very good to work with. He very patience took us to see many houses. He become to be our friend finally. He was able to help us get a reduction of 300K. Then we get the house we like. He did not pushing. Thank you James."

Petricia Thompson

"Mr.James Hau if not the best he is one of the top three best !because he is honest,hard working and very attentive but not pushy.friends and me dealt with him about property matter so we know."

Vivian Chen